The Highlands/Sloan's Lake/Sunnyside

West Highland

This is the place to be and be seen, with a healthy dose of personality. People come from all over the city to check out the charming boutiques, eat at a choice of delicious restaurants, or have a few drinks at a neighborhood hotspot. This is Highlands Square, at the center of the very popular neighborhood West Highland. Originally planned as a square instead of rectangular streets, this neighborhood still maintains its communal energy. Surrounding the square is block after block of super cute homes, with as much character as their inhabitants.

West Highland sits west of Downtown Denver between 38th Avenue, 29th Avenue, Federal, and Sheridan. It’s part of a larger area, colloquially known as The Highlands-Scottish, English, and Welsh immigrants founded this now hip and diverse area in 1858. It later became an even larger melting pot when Italians, Irish, Germans, and Mexicans arrived.

You’ll love the Downtown Denver accessibility combined with a true community feel you’ll find here-where beautifully renovated bungalows and Victorians sit alongside modern-style townhomes. Pferdesteller Park on the west side of the neighborhood, and Highland Park on the east, provide easy picnic and recreational opportunities to residents, but for those looking for boating, water skiing, or a just a weekend run around the park 177-acre Sloan Lake is just south of West Highland and provides the ideal urban getaway.

West highland is one of the most vibrant places to live in the city, while still offering a cozy, respectful neighborhood feel. It is diverse and popular.


Sloan’s Lake

Every year in July, Sloan’s Lake hosts the Dragon Boat Festival, where 100,000 people come to celebrate and experience Colorado’s Asian-Pacific culture, customs, and traditions. It is this creativity and open-armed welcoming attitude that give the Sloan’s Lake Inclusive community its well-founded reputation.

Once two separate lakes-Copper and Sloan-Sloan Lake now consists of 177 acres of surface area, and the surrounding park serves as a wildlife refuge and nature lover’s paradise. This lake is a focal point of the neighborhood bordered by West 29th Avenue, 17th Avenue, Federal, and Sheridan. From pedestrian trails and playgrounds to boat docks and tennis courts, this area is a terrific respite for Sloan’s Lake visitors and residents. 

Primarily residential with the majority of homes built in the 1930s, Sloan’s Lake possesses pockets of architecturally stunning 19th-century structures and includes an eclectic mix of houses on 14th Avenue and Stuart Street. Visit nearby Highlands Square, where you’ll discover plenty of great restaurants, pubs, and charming boutiques.

With access to I-25 and I-70, stunning mountain views, and a 10-minute ride to Downtown Denver, Sloan’s Lake is a convenient and diverse mile-high neighborhood.



Sunnyside is part of the historic Highlands area in Northwest Denver and is bounded by Federal, I-25, I-70, and 38th Avenue. Conveniently located to just about everything in the north metro area and downtown, Sunnyside is reemerging as a neighborhood very much in demand.

Let the Union Pacific railroad lines take you back to the days when this neighborhood was experiencing its original renaissance, around the turn of the century (1900). It doesn’t take much imagination-the old-growth trees, modest homes and corner churches easily bring to mind a time gone by. Old enough to now be experiencing a revival, Sunnyside is indeed having its moment in the sun.

And imagine what it feels like to be lying at the intersection of serenity and urban energy, with quiet nights and busy days. So close to Downtown Denver, yet so far from the frantic pace. Sunnyside could be the perfect place for you to call home.

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