Park Hill

Park Hill North 

Park Hill North sits between Martin Luther King, Quebec, 23rd Avenue, and Colorado Blvd, and serves as a more affordable and more diverse, but still ideally located counterpart to its southern neighbor, Park Hill South. Originally platted by Baron Alois von Winckler, the first homes were built here at the turn of the century, in 1900. Many of those homes built in the early 1900s, you’ll still find standing today, updated to provide both modern convenience and historical charm.

Classic bungalows, stately Craftsman, and mid-century ranches and cottages sit along tidy, green lots in Park Hill North, showing pride of ownership throughout the neighborhood. Home prices vary wildly with million-dollar mansions available toward the southern edge, and some of the most affordable single-family homes in Denver closer to the north. The homes along Monaco Parkway offer sprawling lawns, and the parkway itself provides a quick commute north to i-70 or south to 6h Avenue or Alameda.

The neighborhood is ideally positioned, offering a more suburban-felling retreat, while still just minutes away from Downtown Denver. Both Park Hill Golf Club and City Park Golf Course are just blocks away, and City Park-along with the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature and Science-lie right across Colorado Blvd at the southwest corner.


Park Hill South

One of Denver’s oldest and most cherished neighborhoods, Park Hill South sits between 23rd Avenue, Quebec, Colfax, and Colorado Blvd.

American Elms line wide parkways where joggers, cyclists, and mothers pushing strollers enjoy their shade. Stately mansions, quintessential Denver Squares, and adorable bungalows rest on some of the largest lots in the city. 

As the most suburban of Denver’s urban neighborhoods-just a short drive on 17th Avenue Parkway to Downtown Denver-it’s no wonder homebuyers flock here. Head west on 23rd Avenue, and you’ll discover a sprinkling of some of Denver’s best restaurants, gourmet foods, and especially shops. 

If one word could capture the spirit of this neighborhood, it’s pride. Whether it’s because of the picturesque setting, the tight-knit community or just the convenient location, you’d be hard-pressed to find a resident of Park Hill who isn’t proud of where they live.

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